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Student Testimonials

Accomplishment. Independence. Discovery.

"Up until this point in my life my greatest honor was serving in the military from 1987-1992.  Now, my greatest honor will be graduating from college thanks to folks like you.  I would like you to know that this letter of thanks is not enough appreciation for what you have done for myself and my family.  You are changing lives and I for one will always be humbled and appreciative of this act.  I cannot wait to pay it forward." 

- Mark, The J. Gilbert and Louella H. Reese Scholarship recipient

“I can think of no better thing to achieve with my life than to be able to change someone's life in as paramount a way as you have changed mine. I am a better person, because of you.  And I intend to help make a better world with what you have given me."

- Alyssa, The J. Gilbert and Louella H. Reese Next Generation Scholarship recipient

“With this degree I hope to someday teach underprivileged children in developing countries and in the U. S.  Your generous financial support is greatly appreciated as it helps me achieve this dream of mine to make a difference in a child's life.  I hope to encourage and inspire other young adults to dream big and make a difference!"

- Vittoria, The LeFevre Foundation Scholarship recipient

"One unique reason I am honored to have been chosen for this scholarship is that my mom received one similar seven years ago when she had enrolled at COTC as a single mother.  At the time I was only a twelve-year-old and the scholarship helped my mom in a way that few can understand.  The money that she saved because of the scholarship allowed her to provide a better life for my two sisters and I.  Thankfully my mother was able to set an incredible example and use that scholarship money to finish her degree, obtain a job, and create a much better life for our family.  I am working hard to follow in her footsteps."

- Justin, The Christine and John Warner Family Scholarship recipient

“Rest assured that the scholarship you have awarded me will change not only my life and help me reach my goals but also change the lives of some of our service members who have given so much for our country.  I thank you all again for this opportunity and will not forget your act of kindness."

- Joshua, The Park National Bank and Associates' Next Generation Challenge Scholarship recipient

"Coming from a family where education is highly emphasized, Mr. Mitchell's commitment to supporting students is especially touching for me.  There are few better places to invest money than in someone's education, as the pursuit of knowledge will never be a waste of time or resources."       

 -Brenna, The Louis A. Mitchell Scholarship recipient


“I would like to start by thanking you for creating this scholarship.  Low income students like myself sometimes do not get a chance to go to college, and because of kind people like you and your family we are able to further continue our education.”

- Nicole, The Melissa Warner Bow Family Scholarship recipient

"COTC has changed my life and I plan to be actively involved with the campus for life...Again, thank you for making contributions to help students like myself reach goals and become a prominent part of today's society." 

-Dominic, The American Electric Power Foundation Scholarship recipient