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Establish a Fund

Scholarship Funds

Endowed scholarships are permanent gifts to NCDF where the principal gift is preserved while annual scholarship awards are offered in perpetuity by spending the income generated by the fund.  Endowments can be established by individuals, families, businesses, foundations, non-profit organizations, service groups, and others. Donors may decide the eligibility parameters for how the scholarship is awarded.  A total gift of $25,000 is required to establish an endowed scholarship.  This minimum level can be contributed over five years.

Unrestricted versus restricted:

Unrestricted funds allow the Financial Aid Office of the Newark campus to serve more students, more broadly, where the need is the greatest. Restricted funds are awarded to students based on certain criteria donors may select, such as financial need, academic merit, field of study, geographic location, etc.

Naming the scholarship:

An endowed scholarship may be in the donor's name, in memory of a loved one, or named in line with the purpose of the fund.  Because endowed scholarships are funded in perpetuity, recognition will be permanent.  We also honor donor requests to remain anonymous.

Scholarship thank you letters:

Each year, scholarship recipients attending the Newark campus write a thank you letter to the donor of their individual scholarship.  These letters give donors the opportunity to learn more about the students benefiting from their scholarship and to see the true impact their generosity is having on the lives of the recipients.


Capital Improvement and Campus Enhancement Funds

Donors may establish funds for building projects or capital improvements on the campus.  Grants from these funds support capital needs of various sizes such as maintenance of campus assets, technology upgrades, equipment acquisition, art, sculptures, exhibits, etc.