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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."-Benjamin Franklin


The Newark Campus Development Fund aspires to strengthen our local community by supporting and improving higher education in Licking County.  For over 30 years, generous donors have recognized that motivated students can have a positive and lasting impact on the community.  Scholarship recipients are encouraged to celebrate that legacy beyond graduation by continuing to support local students into the future.

Together, past and future donors share a unique opportunity to improve the lives of individuals and families, all while contributing meaningfully to the well-being of the Licking County community and beyond.

Investment Opportunities:

Gifts of Cash – The Newark Campus Development Fund encourages all who want to donate to do so. You may make a deposit from a credit card securely by filling out the “Donor Info” form under the “Invest Now” tab or speak with Jennifer Roberts about other cash donations.

Matching Funds The Newark Campus Development Fund encourages local businesses to develop a community-minded culture by doubling the impact of their employees' philanthropic contributions.  

Publicly Traded Securities – The most common of non-cash gifts, donors may make gifts of appreciated property. 

Life Insurance Policies The Newark Campus Development Fund welcomes transfers of life insurance policies.  This allows donors to pay monthly or quarterly premiums rather than donating a lump sum, and may result in tax deductions and/or a reduction in the donor's taxable estate.

Individual Retirement AccountsDonors over the age of 70.5 may donate directly from their IRA, thereby reducing the tax burden of their estate.

Bequests Donors may name the Newark Campus Development Fund as a beneficiary in their will.

Charitable Gift AnnuitiesDonors may contribute cash or other assets to the Newark Campus Development Fund.  In return, donors will benefit from a partial tax deduction as well as a fixed annual income from the NCDF for life.

Charitable Remainder Trusts Donors may establish an irrevocable trust, from which the income is paid to the donor for a specified period of time.  The remainder of the trust is then invested in the Newark Campus Development Fund.

Charitable Lead Trusts Establishing an irrevocable trust with gifts of property or other assets allows donors to control the handling of their assets in perpetuity and offers several tax benefits over a gift of cash.

Real Estate – Property easily liquidated can be donated and result in benefiting the donor by removing a large taxable asset.